Ice Maker (flake type)

Model No:                                           IF300-150
Cabinet Dims WDH 700 x 700 x 975 mm
Bin Storage Dims WDH 600 x 300 x 500 mm
Ice Production 120 Kg/day
Storage Capacity 90 Kg
Refrigeration System 1/5 HP Compressor
Condenser Air Cooled Condensing Unit
Cabinet Material Blower Molded (high density poly Ethylene)
Electrical Requirement 200/300 voltage, 50Hz/60Hz, Single Phase
Gross Weight 114 Kg

More Features:

  • One-touch connection system for easy water supply;
  • Automatic system from water supply to ice production;
  • Safety system for ice;
  • Adiabatic effects of bin storage;
  • Twin screw shaft mechanism;
  • Power freezing system.


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