UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

EMCLAB UV/VIS Spectrophotometer


EMCLAB UV/VIS Spectrophotometer range for almost all application ins R&D, Quality control in Pharma, Chemitsry, Food and Biotechnology as well as in Universities.

EMCLAB Spectrophotometer selection guide

Model Optical System Lamp Sources Wavelenght Range Band Width
EMC-11D-V Single - Tungsten 325-1000nm 4 nm
EMC-11-UV Single - Tungsten & Deuterium 200-1000 nm 4 nm
EMC-16PC-V Single - Tungsten 320-1100 nm 4 nm
EMC-16PC-UV Single - Tungsten & Deuterium 190-1000 nm 4 nm
EMC-31PC-UV Single - Tungsten & Deuterium 190-1000 nm 2 nm
EMC-61PC-UV Double - Beam Tungsten & Deuterium 190-1000 nm 1.8 nm

"PC" means with PC software All products have CE certificate Other models on request!

All products have safety certifications (CE 2006/95/EC Report No.:15027384 001)

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